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    At Keetan Bottles, we make sure you have a variety of water bottles to choose from. And our designers are always looking for some new inspirations to bring to the our products. That is why we take so much pride in our detailed designs.


    We take hands-on approach for every customized Keetan bottles to guarantee your satisfaction. Remember: every customized Keetan bottle is crafted for YOU only!


    It is top priority to ensure our manufacturing materials are benefiting sustainable development with premium quality. Kitchen-grade 18/8 stainless steel, food-grade PP or Eastman Tritan(TM) lid, recyclable packages and environmentally-friendly inks are reflecting our commitment to protect the earth, and your health.



Screen printing is a printing technique to transfer environmentally-friendly ink onto the surface of Keetan bottles. It creates a unique visual result with durable inks, vibrant and vivid colors. Screen printing is extremely feasible for large-number orders.


Laser engraving removes the layer of paint or powder coating and reveals the stainless-steel underneath. It does not involve inks or tool bits which need be replaced regularly. Laser engraving empowers your Keetan bottles with long-lasting personalized artworks.



Ultraviolet coating is a form of digital printing that uses ultraviolet lights to dry or cure environmentally-friendly ink as it is painted. It is strongly resistant to scratching, fading and ink transferring. UV coating also brings surface embossing effects in a style and modern way as we expect it to be.



  • What is the fee associated with customization?
    One-color Screen Printing

    We charge $5 per item for orders of 100 or less. For orders with 100 to 500, the $5 charge will be waived, and we only charge $10 screen configuration fee for the entire order. For orders with more than 500 items, we do not charge any customization fee.

    Please enquiry if you need more than one color for your screen printing.

    Laser Engraving

    We charge $5 per item for orders of 10 or less. For orders with more than 10 items, the $5 charge will be waived.

    Ultraviolet Coating

    We charge $5 per item for orders of 30 or less. For orders with more than 30 items, the $5 charge will be waived.

  • What is the minimum order when discount applies?

    The minimum order when discounts applies is 100. Please enquiry for further information.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    We accept payment via several popular vendors, including credit (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc.), PayPal, Amazon Pay. We are always working seamlessly with our partners to ensure your payment is easy, quick and secure.

  • Can Keetan ship to international address?

    Yes. Keetan supports international shipping from our manufacturing warehouses. International shipping fees will be applied when you choose international addresses. We provide air delivery and ocean shipping to international addresses, which depends on your choice. International shipping may take longer than shipping to US and UK addresses due to logistics arrangement. You will receive an email containing shipping tracking code.

  • Can Keetan help create my logo?

    While the technical and design teams in Keetan bottles will do our best to convert the design you provided to look great on Keetan bottles, unfortunately, we do not create new logos or artworks as part of our service.

  • What is the requirement for the logo or artworks we provided to Keetan for customization?

    We have a pre-defined size requirement for the logo or artworks you provided to us for customization. The width should be less than 40mm and the height depends on your product selection. Our technical team member will provide a suggestion once you confirm your artworks or logo.

  • What file type do I have to provide for artwork or logo customization?

    Your logo and artwork should be provided in jpg., png., AI or ESP file version, which are in high resolution so that our technical team can efficiently convert your artworks.

  • How long does the customization take for my logo or artworks?

    Typically, we produce your customized bottles, tumblers and food jars in two weeks once your artworks or logo has been approved and we received your full payment. This time cannot be rushed as we process all orders in a first-come-first-customize production queue.

  • Where will our logo or artworks be placed on the surface of Keetan bottles?

    We will work to place your logo or artworks on the opposite of Keetan bottle’s logo.

  • Can we return the customized Keetan bottles?

    No. We do not accept return of customized Keetan bottles due to re-sell concerns since they are customized for YOU only. However, if you find your customized Keetan bottles arrive with defects, please immediately email us at support@mykeetan.com with photos, we’d be here to help you to deal with it.