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About Keetan® Bottles

Keetan® Bottles is all about creating a premium lifestyle of style, sustainability and gratitude. We exist to give away to make a difference to our community by delivering quality products that lead to a premium lifestyle.



Keetan Bottles was started from the idea of providing people with the ability to drink cold water ANYWHERE and ANYTIME, without doing any harm to our environment. We exist to not only offer the best-in-class stainless steel drinkware, but also empower to make a difference to our community, country and earth.


Keetan Bottles is delivering quality products that feature TrueVacuum™ technology. Double-walled vacuum insulation, copper coating and premium 18/8 stainless steel are our standardized deliverables. We also focus ondeliving products in modern and fashionable design, to make our products a perfect combination of style and performance.



Keetan Bottles provides the best customization services to make Keetan bottles YOURS for birthday and wedding party, corporation events, partners meetings and other fundraising opportunities. Our experienced technical team offers the diverse customization ways to make your Keetan bottles as personalized as you expect. Screen printing, laser engraving, ultraviolet (UV) printing. Choose whatever you like, and we customize for YOU!


Keetan Bottles is committed to creating a sustainable future by delivering environmentally-friendly products. We use recyclable and reusable manufacturing materials to implement sustainable practices throughout our supply chain with partners. We also crafted our stylish water bottles, tumblers and food jars with well-developed quality control and inspection process in order to significantly minimize our waste and maintain our commitment to quality.



Keetan Bottles exists to give away! We are parterning with several charities and NGOs to give back to our community. We believe by offering the best stylish and modern drinkware, we are making a difference to our earth. It is our customers who are working together to make a change to this world.